Gringo in Brazil – part 2

On part 2 Jaroslav Musil,  from the Czech Republic, will go on with some tips on his experience arriving in Brazil.

Meet the locals

One thing that helped me a lot when overcoming the initial tough part was meeting the locals. Local Brazilian people who can help you in your difficult situation. They will surely not pay for your bills but definitely they will cheer you up. It is very important not to stay alone in the city and look for people with whom you can spend some time together. Try to consider what your hobby is, what do you like to do. Are you passionate about sport? Park Ibirapuera is a perfect place to be! It´s free, it´s open daily since morning until evening and it´s a perfect spot to meet new people. You can play football, basketball, ride a cycle, run, walk, make a churrasco. This place will help you forget for a while that you are in a huge city! Another great thing to do and how to meet new people is to try „language tandem“. There are several of them around the city and even language schools organize these events. If you would rather meet people in the pub, that is a numerous list of pubs in the city. My favorite place to go is „Vila Madalena“ neighborhood with plenty of bars and „pub crawls“. People are gathering on the streets and enjoying this amazing city! This is the place where you get to know with people easily.

Enjoy Brasil

As the last point I would like to highlight something really important. Despite the fact that the first couple of weeks or months could be really challenging for you, do not forget to enjoy the place! Brasil is an amazing place. It has a lot to offer. Gorgeous nature, pleasant climate,  friendly people and a great food. This all must not be forgotten! Brasil is worth of spending some of your precious time.

Next week some views on nice places to visit…

Parque do Ibirapuera